What Sparks Your Memories?

These invitations from Samantha and Whitney of Gus & Ruby Letterpress were created for a summer wedding at a summer camp on a lake in New Hampshire – which in cold and dreary early spring pretty much sounds like the best idea in the whole world! Since the wedding festivities stretched over a whole weekend, the invitation suite included lots of fun extras for wedding guests, from a custom illustrated map and schedule of activities to signs, menus, and tags for the day of the wedding, all letterpress printed on thick cotton paper. So awesome!



Ashelynn Manor


Herb Garden Centerpieces

When herb gardens overflow with more than is needed in any kitchen, why not use the extra yield in a fragrant centerpiece? Mix shapes and textures, and add color with edible flowers and herb blossoms. This arrangement, which includes dill, rosemary, mint, basil, thyme, lavender, nasturtiums, and flowering herbs, sits in a high-sided bowl; a smaller bowl within keeps the stems in place. But a vase, pitcher, or jar would work just as well. –Martha Syewart


Ashelynn Manor

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