Five Pros to a Friday Wedding

Capture3From a real bride:

1) The day isn’t quite as long – in a good way. With a Saturday 2 p.m. ceremony, pictures start at 11 which means hair starts at 7 a.m. and dancing until midnight after that early start can make for a very long day. With a 4 or 5 p.m. ceremony on Friday, you can sleep in, take your time and still have your dancing shoes on until they kick you out. Your wedding day will exhaust you emotionally and physically and you will want to be rested and relaxed.

2) Discounts! We found that photographers, DJs, and even limo companies offer discounts on Fridays to pull more business from their booked Saturdays. We saved over $2,000 on our reception, DJ and limo costs with a Friday wedding.

3) Atop discounts, Fridays offer more availability  If you are not planning a year or two in advance, good places and companies are often hard to find with open Saturdays – especially during the summer. Our hall and photographer were booked solid on Saturdays this summer but had several Friday openings. And we are glad they did! Fridays give you more choices – with discounts!

4) Allow for more fun! As the beginning of the weekend, your guests can look forward to a great dinner and party to end their busy work week. Don’t worry about work or school getting in the way of people making it to the ceremony, they will work it out. You’re important to them and it’s a great reason to get Friday afternoon off! On Friday nights guests can relax, have that extra drink, and stay that extra song knowing it’s okay to feel groggy in the morning – there is Sunday for things that need to get done! You will like the two days also, to recover and let everything sink in, before thinking about the honeymoon or going back to work.

5) Plan ahead! With a Friday wedding, your one-year anniversary can be celebrated on a Saturday night! Although there is a little more patience required with this perk, think of all the options that are available on Saturday nights for great anniversary dates – concerts, plays, comedy club, live music at bars, another wedding – all without work the next day! After all, who wants to end their one-year going to bed early on Sunday night?

We agree!  —Ashelynn Manor


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