Beach Themed Wedding Ideas

Don’t run the risk of a rain-out for your beach-themed wedding reception.  Instead, choose an indoor venue where the party can go on regardless of the  weather. There are a lot of ways to decorate your indoor wedding for a beach  theme. From fun and  whimsical to absolutely elegant, you can plan a beach-themed indoor wedding to  suit your individual taste.

Choose your Venue

Ashelynn Manor!

Beach Decor

Use a message in a bottle for centerpieces.  

Your beach décor may include lawn chairs and picnic tables in place of your  usual wedding tables. Use netting and anchors to decorate the venue. For  centerpieces, put a message in a glass bottle with a bit of sand. If you are  planning a casual beach-themed indoor wedding reception, use whimsical picnic  plates and flatware in place of fancy china. A tiki bar, parasols and colored  paper lanterns are another great touch. You could fill either galvanized pails  or plastic beach pails with sand and insert tapered candles for centerpieces.  Small fish bowls complete with live beta fish are another option. Add small  table top tiki torches to all of your tables if your venue allows for this.  Place several small blowup swimming pools on tables and have your guests place  their gifts inside. Use a tackle box for a wedding card holder. And don’t forget  your tropical flowers. Try renting a couple of potted palm trees and other  tropical plants to add to your décor. Write your guests’ names on miniature  beach balls in place of traditional place cards.

The Menu

Include a beachy element in your menu.

Fish is a must for any beach-themed wedding. You could choose a casual  buffet-style fish fry or a more elegant seafood dish served by waitstaff.  Another idea is a beach picnic menu or beach barbecue complete with hot dogs,  ribs and a variety of cold salads. A chocolate fountain  with fresh fruit is another excellent addition to the menu. Add a lighthouse  cake topper to your wedding cake, or just  order a cake made to look like a  lighthouse. Sand castle cakes are another great option for your beach-themed  cake. Or, how about a tall lighthouse cake surrounded by smaller sand castles?  And don’t forget to add tiny beach umbrellas in all of your drinks. These  versatile little umbrellas would also be adorable on top of individual wedding  cupcakes topped with brightly colored frosting.


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