What will you say?

image001“Waiting to walk down the aisle with my dad was so memorable for me. The anticipation was indescribable,” said Jenn.

“Our moms read letters and poems that our grandmothers wrote to us while they were alive, which made it feel like they were a part of the day,” said Stacy.

“During our ceremony, Tom and I started teasing each other for crying. We had to ask the officiant to pause for a moment so we could release our laughter and catch our breath,” said Stephanie.

“I recall dancing with Laura’s 85-year-old grandmother to ‘Do You Love Me’ by the Contours as a high point of the evening,” said David.

For Danielle and Kyle, having a first look was one of the best decisions made during the planning process. “For couples who think it will take away from the moment of seeing each other during the ceremony, it did not ruin anything! It made us able to enjoy the moment,” said Danielle.

“Getting to spend the entire day together. We calm each other down, and I know we were both nervous about the day, so having Sarah by my side all day made me feel a little less nervous,” said Liz.

Jaime’s two sons served as ring bearers in her and Bryan’s Fourth of July-inspired wedding. Jaime’s favorite memory: “During the ceremony, my two-year-old popped his head through Bryan’s legs, as if it were a game of peek-a-boo!” Bryan’s most memorable moment: “When I held my step-son and watched Jaime walk down the aisle toward us.”


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