Should You Sell?

Capture3Thanks to the Internet, it’s easy and cost-effective to sell anything and everything from your wedding.  Bought 100 votive holders or 25 tall cylinder vases for your centerpieces that you’ll never use again? Just pop on or a million other sites, and there are eager brides to take them off your hands. Probably the most expensive thing a bride will purchase that is easily recyclable is her wedding dress…so, what would you do?!?!

Reasons to keep the dress:

– maybe I’ll have a daughter who might want to incorporate it somehow into her wedding day, or possibly just play in it

– as a reminder of a wonderful day

– possibly as a tool to keep me at my wedding weight

Reasons to Sell or Donate the Dress:

– pay it forward

– give it to charity

– pretend I live in a personal sisterhood of the traveling wedding dress world

– lessen my guilt at accepting an extravagant purchase

– my wedding is remembered by an article of clothing but with the memories, feelings and people who were there

Read the full article here.

Ashelynn Manor


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