Creative Red Carpet Black Tie Looks

CaptureWhile a common critique of the business suit is that it’s a drab, uncreative uniform, nothing is as dogmatic as the penguin suit, the black-and-white formula that has had men waddling in lockstep for more than a century. Take a look at a photo of a black-tie function in the 40s: it’s really only the hairstyles and the women’s wear that make it any different from a gala now. With the exception of a long, unnerving breach beginning in the late 60s—when ruffled shirts, shiny velvet, and graphically tight pants became suddenly acceptable—the conformity has persisted until today. That is, for most men. In Hollywood at least, where a plumper-than-usual bow tie is considered a brave move, a select few have made the classic tuxedo much, much more their own.  Read the full article here.

Ashleynn Manor


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