Honeymoon Week: Intimate Cruises

We’re not talking about a huge ship swarming with grannies, we mean luxury boats with only a few dozen rooms that can take you to spots that aren’t as fun to reach via planes, trains, and automobiles.

Where to Go

  • The Oberoi, Zahra is a week-long luxury cruise on the Nile River. With Egyptologists on board to explain the country’s fascinating history, as well as four massage suites, this voyage is just as educational as it is relaxing. oberoihotels.com
  • Island hop between the French Polynesian Leeward Islands aboard a 60-person yacht. Depart from Bora Bora and make stops at the islands of Taha’a, Huahine, and Raiatea during the six-night cruise before returning to Bora Bora. boraboracruises.com
  • Love watching Planet Earth? Real life is better than HD on a National Geographic-sponsored tour of the Galapagos Islands, during which you’ll have the chance to glimpse the famous giant tortoises, search the waters for whales and dolphins, and (we’re not making this up) snorkel with penguins. expeditions.com

Help: Find a cruise to fit nearly any itinerary and to practically any destination (including a 108-day “World Cruise”) at crystalcruises.com. Theknot.com

Ashelynn Manor


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