Trend Spotter: Vinyl Stickers Customize Your Event

Although we have seen removable stickers used for several years for monograms on dance floors and the occasional added flourish to mirrored table top, we are now entering a time when it is okay to deface walls and graffiti doors…with style and grace and the ability to remove it without causing damage of course.

Stickers as home décor can be found in any home décor store and they are quaint sayings for welcoming guests into your home, calming rhymes for a baby’s room, and kitschy saying for the laundry room, but none are completely customizable nor appropriate for weddings. Ashelynn Manor has a relationship with Wedding Scripts, a local company specializing in completely custom words for your wedding. You may decide on the bride and groom’s name on the front door, near the guest sign in book, or even the words to your first dance displayed with your bridal portraits.

Call Wedding Scripts today at 281-451-6553 or visit them online at Wedding Scripts.


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