Planning and Preparation

Wedding season is upon us and attitudes are looking up with the warmer weather!  It is also time for wedding plans to get down to the nitty gritty!  Remember, planning and preparation make for a smooth wedding day!  Start by making a list of all of your vendors, bridal party and immediate family.  Add a set-up time and a pick-up time for each vendor based on your contracts.  As you do this you may realize that some adjustments need to be made…better now than on the wedding day!  Once you have that done you can fill in the middle like transferring flowers from the church to Ashelynn Manor.  Be sure to list the company or the person assigned to each task.  Now that the day is outlined, work on the ceremony specifics.  Make sure you now who will be walking who down the aisle and what order your wedding party will stand in at the altar.  The rehearsal is not the time to figure all of this out!  Remember, planning and preparation is key!  Get this done 2 weeks before the wedding, make sure your vendors have a copy and have agreed to the schedule, and then enjoy your friends and family coming into town for the BIG day!


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