Yummy! Wedding Cake Info!

Now that college football is at an end, it is time to focus your man’s attention on the few details that he really cares about when it comes to wedding plans…food and especially cake!  There are a few things to know when selecting your cake.  First things first…budget.  Everything will them fall into place.  Most wedding cake bakeries will start their cakes around 4.00 per slice.  (You will need to have a pretty good estimate of guests when you arrive.)  This price will be for a buttercream frosted cake.  This is a good medium for texture, but not intricate designs.  Fondont will start around 7.00 per slice.  This medium provides a smooth coating on your cake that is a base for never ending creativity.  Of course, the more creative, the more expensive!  Second thing will be the basic design of your cake.  Tiered cakes have a spacer in between the layers that provide for thick bunches of flowers or the columns.  Stacked cakes have the layers one top of the other and are great for icing work or flower clusters or cascades of flowers.  You can mix stacked and tiered just like mixing different shapes of cakes.  Traditional cakes have the larger layer on the bottom with the smallest layer on the top, but with the ingenuity of some top bakers, cakes can come in all shapes, sizes, and placements!  Last but not least, flavors.  Cakes can be different flavor profiles by layer or all the same.  If you want all of your guests to get the same flavor and avoid flavor envy, go with one flavor for the bride’s cake and one flavor for the groom’s cake.  Speaking of…to select the number of slices for your event, do one slice per person of the bride’s cake and a half of a slice per person for the groom’s cake.  Make your caterer aware so when they cut the cake at the event they know how to cut the slices appropriately.  Most of all…enjoy the tasting!  It will be one of the sweetest moments of planning!


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