Happy Sunday

This month Ashelynn Manor focused on several bridal trends. September marks the start of engagement season and everyone is gearing up for ‘back to school’ or trying to get organized for Fall. Ashelynn Manor is releasing a few checklists that will help you organize your thoughts, ask the right questions and get you to your final destination with ease. Don’t trip down the aisle, follow these simple checklists and ease on down the road!

First, let’s get started with the guest list! Planning a who’s who list of invited guests is important to the overall budget. Most weddings are calculated on a “per person” basis. That being said, make sure to invite guests that are important to your family first. It’s always easier to write it down on paper so you have an accurate count. Another important reason, you won’t forget anyone! This handy checklist can be printed as many times as you like.

Stay tuned this week as we post more organizational checklists to help you get organized this wedding season!

Click on this link to download and print your page as many times as you like! GuestListTracker


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