The New Grand Exit

Traditional exits are still very relevant at today’s wedding.  You may decide to throw rose petals from paper cones, release butterflies or doves, or even the awe-inspiring fireworks show, but if you want a more unique exit we have a few ideas.  For those sports fanatics or for couples entering into “house-divided” marriages, have your guests choose sides by waiving pom-poms as you exit.  Work with your DJ to mash up the fight songs for a truly fun way to end the evening!  From the eco-friendly to whimsical personalities, leaving via bicycle can be very romantic.  Give your new bride a pump or replace the basket with an extra seat, either way this will take some planning and practice, but can make for a memorable exit!   Incorporate a late night snack with the grand exit and bring on the cold sweets!  An ice cream truck can pull right up to the front doors and as the last guests are getting their treat, the sweet couple makes a mad dash for the truck and off they go!  Be creative and think about you!  You only get one GRAND exit!


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