The Money Dance

Not many people are familiar with the money dance or they have a preconceived notion of what it “means.”  The money dance, aka dollar dance, aka apron dance is not really a way for budget-conscience couples to get money for attending their event, it is actually a cultural event that takes place across Europe, Mexico, and the Philippines.  In each culture, the reason for this featured dance is to allow face-time for the bride with her guests.  The details vary slightly like in the Ukraine, a bride’s veil is removed and she then dons an apron and money is put into the pocket during the dance whereas money is pinned to the bride’s dress and veil in Mexico and the Philippines, and the bride’s shoes are passed around in Hungary. 

Most cultures have included the groom in this practice through the years so as the men are dancing with the bride, the ladies and dancing with the groom.  Of course, some frown down to the idea of paying the groom, so alternatives have been practiced including “paying” with sticks of gum or play money. 

Seriousness is seriously lacking no matter the culture.  In Mexico, the groom is ridiculed and thrown in the air by his friends while being covered in the bride’s veil and the list goes on.  If the money dance is something that has come up in conversation and it is a well known activity at weddings your guests have attended, no need to fret, however, in families where this is not as familiar, consider setting aside a specific amount of face-time for you and your groom to walk around and greet each guest or educate your guests on the event, but make it easy on them by putting a coin under each person’s plate…I am betting that some of those dimes will turn into dollars quickly!


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