Rice Krispie Treats

Sometimes you want to go against the grain and serve rice krispie treats at your wedding because this item from your childhood conjures up feelings of family and togetherness and why shouldn’t you?  From the Rice Krispies website, you or your baker can create a smile inducing chocolate topped butterscotch dessert bar with peanut butter and butterscotch chips or my personal favorite, rice krispie treats on a stick that can be elegantly decorated to match any theme. 

Still get the feeling that mom will not find the humor or meaning in having Rice Krispies as a centerpiece at the wedding, make the original treat a takeaway, secured neatly in a perfect box, but still an awaited treasure for guests on their way home.  If Rice Krispies are a must have at the wedding and there is no negotiation, compromise on the treat for the kid’s table and sneak a bite or three throughout the evening!  No one has to know.


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