Comfortable Guests are Happy Guests

Whether you are planning an outdoor wedding or not, you still want good weather for your designated time of year and there is a lot to think about when planning. Historically the weather in Houston is “perfect” in March and October, those months tend to be the sweet spot, but some couples select their date based on a significant event such as the engagement date, a parent’s anniversary, or there may be a meaning in the numbers and they end up with dates in months that are hot, rainy, cold, etc.

The best rain backup plan is keeping your guests comfortable even if that means moving the ceremony from the Garden Gazebo to the new Chapel.

If outside is where the event will take place, then prepare as best you can by providing an ice and water station for hot days and make sure there is shade available for those in need. If rain is expected in the morning, but will pass before the wedding you will still have wet grass. Prepare by stopping at a nearby superstore for flip flops in various sizes a day or two before the wedding. You can always return them if they are not used or you can provide them in baskets for guests at the reception to retire heels for dancing. If a cold snap is headed toward your way, inexpensive pashminas and a coat attendant for guests as they enter the reception inside. Preparing for weather can be a drain on the budget, but if your heart is set on an outdoor event, it is best to keep your guests comfortable.


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