Get Organized! Bridal Photography Shot List

Ashelynn Manor photo shot listThe year is now half over!  As we greet September, Ashelynn Manor wants to provide all brides and grooms with helpful checklists to stay organized!  This fall marks the start of another engagement season!  Couples all over Texas will be getting engaged during the holiday season this Fall, Winter and Early Spring.  Don’t let the light of your new bling distract you from staying focused on organization!

Today, Ashelynn Manor releases another handy worksheet.  Capturing your special day is an important part of your plans.  A wedding ceremony and reception brings excitement, surprises and lasting memories.  Having a photography “shot list” for your photographer is a helpful way to gently let he/she know what images are important to your family.  At Ashelynn Manor, we take pride in aligning our event venue with some of the most seasoned photographers in the area.  They know the layout of our wedding chapel, reception facility and understand the nuances of our indoor / outdoor wedding grounds.

You will always feel more comfortable when you are organized.  Print this Photo Shot List and feel free to add to it as much as you like.  Before your wedding day, make it a point to share that list with your wedding photographer so your family is on the same page, so to speak.  He/She might have additional shots that you didn’t think about getting!

Printable Photography Shot List


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