In Black and White

In our last post, we explored various color schemes, variations and combinations to help create options for your big day hue. But if you really can’t decide, why not go black and white? It’s elegant, classic and will always be on trend.

Your invitations are a great place to start with your black and white theme. Choose to keep them simple with a white or ivory cardstock printed in scripted black font, or go bold with big characters or decorative motifs.

Having your bridesmaids don black frocks will allow them to purchase a dress they can definitely use again. Better yet, request each of your maids wear a solid black dress they already have in their possession and then purchase matching black shoes (or red, if you ant a spot of color) for them to wear—this provides a little bit of unity amongst the different dress looks. Groomsmen won’t complain at having to wear traditional tuxedos or suits and ties!

Centerpieces and floral décor doesn’t have to be a bore. Take advantage of unique flowers that come in a near-black shade, or have black centers. Florists can also dye flowers to match your color scheme, as well. If you want to stick with all-white arrangements, bring in some black with satin ribbon tied around your bouquet or use black votive candleholders or vases on tables.

 Ready to get the party started? Call Ashelynn Manor today to begin!


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