Finding Your Color Combo

There’s an endless color wheel of options when it comes to selecting your big day hues; and the choices can be a bit intimidating if you’re starting from scratch. But Ashelynn Manor shares a few pointers—and some gorgeous color-coordinated inspiration boards—to get the creative wheels turning for your upcoming nuptials!

 If you don’t have a favorite color that makes it simple to use the right shade for your wedding, start with the season. If you’re getting hitched in the summer time, bright colors rock the house. Coral, yellows, neon pink, turquoise, stark white, and stunning purples are all on the board for the season. But don’t combine them all together! Select pairings that seem to complement your overall theme. Pictured below, from top to bottom: a fuchsia palette, turquoise hues and a citrus-themed inspiration board.


A wedding color scheme doesn’t always have to be based on a color, per say. Sometimes hues naturally come together through an overall theme—say, Victorian or vintage or modern and chic. Here’s an inspiration for each, respectively, to give you some, well, inspiration!

Hopefully these spark your creative juices for your big day color combo. Just remember Ashelynn Manor is here to help! Contact us today to help you plan the wedding of your dreams.


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