Six Ways to Accessorize a Summer Wedding: Part 3

In the last of our summer wedding accessories series, we cover two of the most important parts of any big day: cakes and display tables! With these easy suggestions, you’ll be flying high for your summertime nuptials in no time.

 5.) Have fun with your cake!

It’s the main attraction during your reception—guests love nothing more than to ogle gorgeous cakes as they arrive. Make yours the talk of the evening by thinking outside the box and considering unique summer-worthy ways of implementing the season. Lemonade is a popular hot-weather drink, so use lemons as a motif for your tiers! Or get really funky and craft a cupcake tower, but use items like mini clay pots or sandcastle buckets to hold the sweet treats.


6.) Display the display table.

Whether it’s for your guest book signing, gift table, card box, cake table or an arrangement of framed photos, display tables are a super easy way to captive guest’s attention and promote your theme. Color coordinating all the items on display—like the cake with the candies, or the guest book with the flowers—will pack an extra punch. Don’t be afraid to get bold!

 That concludes our summer wedding accessories series… When you’re ready to tie the knot, call Ashelynn Manor! We’re here for you any time of year.


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