Six Ways to Accessorize a Summer Wedding: Part 1

At Ashelynn Manor, creativity is key. We also know that the big picture relies on the little details to complete it, and what better way to do that than with fun summer-inspired accessories? Browse our top tips for creating a sizzling soiree your guests will rave about for months after.

1.) Set your tables abloom.

There’s nothing that shouts “Summer!” more than bright, cheery centerpieces when you walk into the reception. Give some thought to obvious summer flowers—petals that people generally associate with that time of year—like sunflowers, blue bonnets and wild flowers. On a tight budget? Oversized arrangements aren’t always necessary. Pinpoint the blossoms you want to use and use just a handful for each arrangement, letting their shape or color do the talking. Or use filler, like tropical green leaves or baby’s breath, to add volume without the hefty price tag. Lastly, you can also place various shaped vases on the table for variety (or get creative and use antique watering cans or other fun items) to showcase your flowers and also make a statement.

2.) Nab bright napkins.

Aside from centerpieces, tableware is another great way to brighten up the festivities for summertime. Use napkins with summer-worthy patterns, like coral or shells, for a themed touch. Or pair super bright linens with white plates for a cheerful contrast. 

Stay tuned for Part 2!


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