Color Coded

Bridesmaids, rejoice! No longer are stuffy, uncomfortable, non-cute dresses the run of the mill for wedding wear. There are several new trends for your maids to don, and Ashelynn Manor has the scoop!

If you’re wanting to stick with the same hue, but are up for different styles, consider the same frock but in various shades. It’ll keep a unified look among your bridesmaids, without sacrificing the type of dress you’ve had your heart set on. It also provides better options for brides of different body types to choose a dress that fits them best. Keep the shoes the same if you really want “matchy matchy,” otherwise let your gals wear their own footwear in a nude color or easy-to-coordinate color like black or ivory.

Another option is to keep with the exact same dress, but change up the color. This adds an unexpected twist to bridesmaid wear and lets your wedding party choose a frock in their favorite color for the big day!

Whatever you decide, don’t forget to contact Ashelynn Manor to host your big day—we’ll bring all the tips and trends you need!


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