Addressing the Invitation

Ashelynn Manor tackles the addresses. It’s the final touch for sending out your big day invites and everything becomes official! To begin, your wedding invitations should be mailed to guests two to three months prior to your date. It’s best to err on the side of caution and send them earlier than later, especially if you’re addressing them by hand yourself.

Which leads us to part two: calligraphy? While some brides simply don’t have the time or means necessary to hand address invitations, there are other options to consider. Hand-addressing should always be a first resource and can often be a pleasant experience when shared with fellow bridesmaids or the bride’s mother or mother-in-law. Most often, they are happy to help and contribute to the wedding in any way.

If you aren’t able to hand-address the invitations, consider hiring the talented services of a calligrapher to assist. They can create a beautiful, consistent script for all your envelopes, which will be a beautiful first-sight for guests retrieving your invitation from their mailboxes. In a last resort, labels aren’t the most preferred method of addressing invitations but can do in a pinch if other options don’t seem suitable. In this event, use clear invitations printed in an elegant script or one that matches the font used on your invitations.

Finally, when you are addressing the invites, it’s key to remember the proper way in which to address its recipients. Here’s a go-to list to help you brush up on your invitation etiquette:

• A married couple: Mr. and Mrs. Carl Fallow
• A married couple in which the woman has kept her name: Ms. Janice Collins and Mr. Kevin Black
• A widow: Mrs. Carl Fallow
• A divorced woman: Ms. Sally Fallow (or her maiden name if she’s reclaimed it).
• Married doctors: The Doctors Stevenson, Dr. Carmen Stevenson and Dr. Andrew Stevenson, Drs. Carmen and Andrew Stevenson.
• The Doctors Stevenson, Dr. Carmen Stevenson and Dr. Andrew Stevenson, Drs. Carmen and Andrew Stevenson. A couple living together or a gay couple (written on two lines): Robin Gossett
             Matthew Doring
• Husband is a doctor Dr. and Mrs. Andrew Stevenson: Dr. Andrew Stevenson and Ms. Carmen Gomez.
• Wife is a doctor: Dr. Carmen Stevenson and Mr. Andrew Stevenson
• Teenage girl:  Miss Gloria Johnson
• Teenage boy (under 18):  Christopher Jones
• Judge, Governor, Mayor,
United States Senator,
Member of Congress,
Cabinet Members,
The Honorable
• Husband is a colonel:  Colonel and Mrs. Michael Jones
• Husband is a major:  Major and Mrs. Lawrence Tanaka
• Husband is a lieutenant: Lieutenant and Mrs. John Warren
• Wife is a captain:  Captain Alicia Huang and Mr. Albert Huang
• A Catholic Bishop:  The Right Reverend Mark Wells Bishop of [insert city name]
• A Catholic Brother: Brother Coleman Harris
• A Catholic Sister:  Sister Anita Canesto
• A Catholic Priest: The Reverend Father James Keough
• Husband is a Rabbi:  Rabbi Lohman and Mrs. Adam Lohman
• Wife is a Rabbi:  Rabbi Ellen Freed and Mr. Robert Freed
• Husband is a Protestant Clergyman: The Reverend and Mrs. John Smith
• Wife is a Protestant clergywoman: The Reverend Susan Carlson and Mr. Thomas Carlson

Remember, Ashelynn Manor is here to help our brides in any way we can. It’s our goal for you to achieve the wedding of your dreams at our beautiful venue—and we can help make that happen. From locating the best calligrapher to choosing an invitation vendor and a design that complements your theme, we are here for you!


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