Topping the Table

At your wedding, one of the key focal points that will anchor the décor at your reception are the table tops. After all, guests will spend a fair amount of time at their assigned table sipping cocktails, chatting with friends and dining with each other. So why not ensure you have a beautiful centerpiece and a gorgeous tablescape to take their breath away?

There are a limitless number of options to address your reception tables. It’s important to start from the “ground” up and begin with your linens. If you have standard ballroom tables, then linens are going to be necessary. If you’re hosting an outdoor reception with rustic wooden tables, then perhaps only a table runner will suffice. Once you’ve decided on the amount of covering required, give some thought to the color palette that will work best without overpowering the flowers and other accessories that will be present. If you’re planning to have large floral arrangements, for instance, in extremely bright or poignant colors, then a neutral cloth in beige, taupe, tan, gold, white or cream will likely work best. Or, for added drama, coordinate your table linens with the blossoms to really make them pop (green cloths might work well with dark petals, keeping the room from being too deeply hued).

 Centerpieces are often the piece de resistance when it comes to weddings. Tall, short, simple or elaborate, they are a direct reflection of the bride and groom’s personal taste. Choose with care and be sure that you’ve left enough room for the guest’s plates, glasses and silverware. There’s nothing worse than diners running out of room t place their water-glass on the table top!

 If an evening wedding is in order, candles are always a great addition to any table. From low-lying votive candles to majestic candelabra with tapered wicks, candlelight adds a sense of romance and glamour to the big day. Just be sure that any flames aren’t close enough to wayward leaves or petals to ignite a fire! The only ones who should be burning hot for the night are you and your new spouse!

 For more ideas and to get started planning your big day, contact Ashelynn Manor for your personal appointment. We’re ready to set the table for you!


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