Signing In…

The wedding guest book is a keepsake brides and grooms will always treasure. They are fun to break out during future anniversaries to reminisce about your guests in attendance and the advice and personal messages they chose to leave behind. But you don’t have to limit yourself to plain pen and paper. Here are some ideas for some creative guest books to remember!

 Time capsules: Use vases, apothecary jars or any other containers and label them for every ten years, beginning with your first anniversary, then 10 years, then 20, all the way to 50. Place note cards and pens on the table with instructions for guests to leave a chose piece of advice or sentiment and then place in a “time capsule” of their choice for you and your partner to open on the appointed year!

 Ad libs: Avoid the pressure to write an award-winning guest book note by simply challenging guests to fill in the blanks. You can have individual pieces of paper with various messages to the bride and groom and a few choice words left blank for guests to fill in with their own adjectives and verbs.

 Frame it: Select your favorite bridal portrait, engagement picture or any special photo of you and your partner and place in a spacious frame with a large matted area. Provide fine-point Sharpies for guests to simply sign the frame or left a message behind. The keepsake will hang on your wall, proudly displaying your close friends and families heartfelt blessings.

 Ready to sign up for a gorgeous wedding with us? Call Ashelynn Manor today, we look forward to meeting with you.


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