Pretty in Pleats

Aside from pearls and crystals and blushing brides-to-be, pleats are a pretty big day accessory that never go out of style. They can be incorporated into any aspect of the wedding that you choose, from a colorful peep-toe pump or pleated gown to a stunning pleated frosted cake or an elegant clutch.

The key to infusing a specific trend, like pleats, into your wedding is like every good thing in life—use in moderation! You don’t want pleated hair, accessories, gown, shoes and décor. It’s important to choose just a few main areas in which to use the special detailing.  For instance, if you’re gown is pleated, it’s best not to also choose a pleated shoe or clutch. Keep those accessories in a solid color and pattern, and let your big day frock do the shining!

 For décor, perhaps a cake with pleated frosting or fondant would be a good match to bouquets set with pleated details like ribbon. Subtle touches could even include favors like mini fans (perfect for a summer or fall wedding in the heat) or edibles like boxed cookies or cupcakes garnished with a pleated bow or ribbon.

From perfect pleats to pretty décor, contact Ashelynn Manor to begin planning your dream day!


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