The Great Frame Up

Frames aren’t just for your wedding photos, there are multitudes of ways to incorporate them into your wedding reception for a fun, fresh take on picture-worthy décor! Use a frame from the very beginning by placing an empty one flat on your seating card table and lining the cards inside. Or you can place a frame on an easel, backed with cork board covered in colorful fabric or paper, and use push pins to secure seating cards to the board.

Frames can also draw attention to your big day menus—like a roster of specialty cocktails drawn on a framed chalkboard propped up at the bar or the appetizer menu suspended in the middle of an ornate frame. Mini frames can also be placed on the tables, citing table names, courses or a special note from the bride and groom.

 Want more? Place frames in a photo booth for some fun photography, or make your own by suspending a large sheet or blanket behind frames hung at various heights and in a variety of sizes. Frames, and framed mirrors, can also be a source of décor, when displayed in a montage-like pattern behind the head table or at the reception entrance, or even as a fun backdrop at the gift table.

 However you decide to frame it, Ashelynn Manor is here for you! Call us today and we’ll help draw up a frame for your perfect day.


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