The Right Fold

Table settings are an ever-important aspect of the big day as they are often the focal point during the reception. Color schemes, place cards, centerpieces, floral arrangements, fine china, serving platters, cocktails and more all grace the top of each table. It’s a lot to hold! Sometimes it can be best to keep all the clutter to a minimum and maintain a simple table scape that is gorgeous yet effective. It’s hard enough for guests to remember which butter knife is theirs, let alone single out their water-glass. Pare down to the essential without losing any of the glamour. Consider packaging seating cards and favors into the fold of a napkin placed atop the plates. This can provide extra space on the table, but doesn’t skimp on any of the accessories you might want displayed.

Napkins can be part of the decoration, as well. Unique folding techniques, colors and patterns are all creative options when it comes to selecting your linens. Consider choosing a fabric that guests feel comfortable actually using and that don’t tend to slip off of laps, particularly silk or satin dresses the ladies might wear. Even simple napkin rings can be dressed up to reflect your floral arrangements on the table or add a pop of color to a modern table.

Think out of the box, think of Ashelynn Manor for your big day!


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