Hats Off!

On the heels of the world-wide celebration known as Kate Middleton and Prince William’s royal wedding, new trends have been sparked for weddings everywhere and brides-to-be are dreaming of their own royal nuptials. Could you imagine tying the knot in such a dreamy and grandiose place like Westminster Abby? What a historical landmark and an amazing setting to exchange your vows for a lifetime. The entire globe was taken captive by all the preparations leading up to the royal wedding—the talk about Kate’s dress and which designer she would choose, the preparations for such a massive event, the newlywed’s iconic greeting from the balcony of Buckingham Palace and what type of food would be served at such a grand reception.

Ashelynn Manor—being on the cusp of happenings trends as we are!—noticed some unique wedding garb that deserved a bit of extra attention, just like the new royal couple. Hats! Part of the UK’s culture and standard practice for special events such as weddings (not to mention royal ones), the hats, fascinators and bonnets were in no short supply on the red carpet. Surely you’ve seen the quite interesting Phillip Treacy versions that graced the, well, foreheads of Princess Beatrice, 22, and Eugenie, 21 (cousins to Prince William).

To that end, we gathered a few more modern-day versions fit for a princess bride to inspire your own royal wedding moment! From small to larger, feathers to cage veils, hats are a lost art coming back in style. They add a greater sense of drama and glamour to any wedding gown.

Ready to plan the royal affair of your dreams? Call Ashelynn Manor today!


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