The Season of Blooms

On the heels of our two-part post on inspiration for a wedding during any of the four seasons, Ashelynn Manor wanted to share some tips from Premier Bride on how to choose the right flowers for the season.

 For everything there is a season and flowers are no exception. One of the most important considerations in selecting your wedding day flowers will be the season in which you intend to wed. You will find that flowers in bloom during the month of your wedding will be more available and less costly than selections that are out of season and they will also last longer.

A major seasonal consideration is the holidays since certain flora will significantly increase in price. Valentine’s Day, as you can imagine, creates a high demand for red roses, increasing the cost considerably. Easter affects the availability and price of tulips and hyacinths, while at Christmas poinsettias and holly are at a premium. Should you choose these flowers around such seasons, factor this into your budget.

Here are some popular flowers and the best season to choose them in order to help you create beautiful bouquets and arrangements for your wedding:

Winter: Amaryllis, Casablanca lily, freesia, Gerber daisy, heather, holly (ilex), narcissus, poinsettia, rose, stephanotis.

Summer: Anemone, azalea, calla lily, camellia, daffodil, French tulip, hyacinth, hydrangea, jasmine, lilac, lily of the valley, mimosa, pansy, peony, primrose, ranunculus, sweet pea, tulip, violet.

Fall: Celosia (cockscomb) Chinese lantern, chrysanthemum, crosnia, dahlia, statice, yarrow (in California, most summer flowers are also available in the fall.)

Year-Round: Baby’s breath, carnation, cattleman, chrysanthemum, cymbidium orchid, daisy, dendroblum orchid, freesia, gardenia, Gerber daisy, gladiolus, iris, lilies, protea, roses, September aster, snapdragon, stephanotis, tuberoses.

Whether it’s helping you select the perfect blossoms or arranging a reception menu, Ashelynn Manor is here to help! Call us today to schedule your appointment.


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