The Four Seasons: Part 2

Ashelynn Manor concludes our four seasons inspiration series with fall and winter wedding ideas and how to make the most of your experience during any month!

 During the fall, blazing autumn colors come into play, as do decorative items like squashes, pumpkins, hay bales and leaves. Don’t hesitate to fold in a rich color palette and play off the season with a menu featuring dishes like butternut squash soup, wild game or candy corn!

Most of the holiday weddings fall in the winter months, like Christmas and New Years. These can be a great excuse to craft a theme based on the nearest celebration or you can come up with your own. Colors vary greatly for winter weddings, from snow white and icy blue to jewel tones like deep blue and dark purple. Extravagant, over-the-top, ornate accessories and tablescapes will not be a vain effort as your wedding will take center stage inside.

Call Ashelynn Manor today to visit our grounds and book your special day for any season!


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