The Four Seasons: Part 1

Though the weather is slowly becoming more balmy and warmer temperatures threaten to give way to the heat of summer, it’s never a bad time to consider your seasonal wedding theme for any time of year. You might be newly engaged and wondering when you’ll want to hold your big day at Ashelynn Manor, or you might be in the midst of planning and are just shy of a few details for completing your special event. Our two-part series explores options for each of the four seasons to get your inspired and ready to plan!

Spring months are a time of growth and renewal, so it’s appropriate to have themes that reflect that. Think of a garden-party themed wedding with fresh clusters of flowers placed in tin watering cans for centerpieces or teeny nests with blue robin’s eggs. Delicate themes like a Victorian or soft, retro theme are also fitting. Consider the use of lace, candles and tea cups.

Summer weddings are exceptionally fun, as outdoor venues like ours with beautifully landscaped grounds become prime real estate for the event. Bright colors are never out of style during these months, and casual affairs are always acceptable. Tie the knot in the cooler, setting scene and plan a beach-themed bash or a BBQ-style wedding reception. You can also keep things formal and simply infuse things as you see fit, like using the names of exotic islands for each of your tables or creating specialty cocktails made with various types of rum.


Call Ashelynn Manor today to visit our grounds and book your special day for any season!


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