Where to register?

Choosing the stores to register at can be the tricky part. There are so many well-stocked choices from Macy’s and Pottery Barn to Bed, Bath & Beyond and Williams Sonoma. Take stock of what you and your partner need most and begin making a list with those items. Then you can fill in the rest with necessities like bath towels or cooking spoons. Next, do some basic research (unless you’re a very familiar avid shopper) at the store or stores of your choice to find out which ones fit the bill best. It’s typical for a couple to choose two to three different stores and divvy up the registry items according to what’s better found at each location.

 When it comes to informing guests of your chosen registered stores, the primary rule still applies: never include this information in your formal invitations. It’s deemed tacky and insensitive by some, and won’t be necessary if you make plans early on. Save the dates are a fantastic way to share any pre-wedding information that might be available and since they are generally more informal, it’s perfectly acceptable to include your registry locations here. It’s also a good way to share a wedding web site (if you have one) with your guests, which can also list your registry information. Wedding shower invitations commonly include the chosen stores and word-of-mouth is often another popular avenue for guests to find out which shop they should visit. If a bride or groom is approached by a guest or member of the wedding party regarding their registry, there should be no qualms about passing along the desired information informally.

 We at Ashelynn Manor always prepare for the most and counter for the least, so naturally we think it’s important to be sure you’ve registered for more than enough items rather than too little. By the time you’ve waded through engagement parties, showers and the wedding day itself, your list might be dwindling. It’s also a good idea to hang on to gift cards acquired throughout the wedding period and pool them together post-reception. This way you can take stock of what hasn’t yet been purchased from your registry that you’re still in need of and put the gift cards toward the top of your priority list.


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