Shopping online…

Nowadays everything is done online, especially when it comes to weddings. You search for vendors, dresses, shoes, venues, music, trends and more on the Internet… and more and more couples now list their registries online as well. It’s an easy, surefire way to condense all your preferred gifts in one readily-accessible resource. Then guests have the option of purchasing the gift online and have it mailed directly to the bride and groom (though we provide a lovely gift table for those that still prefer to bring their present to the reception).

 At Ashelynn Manor, our job is to keep up with the trends, stay full of ideas and help you plan the best wedding possible—which means we’re there from the registry to the post-reception farewells. We are always receiving questions about how to handle the gift registry, and the do’s and don’ts for sharing this pertinent piece of information. It’s no secret that you’re holding out for someone to have faith in your newfound baking skills and purchase that state-of-the-art mixer on your list. But how do you spread the word about which stores you and your betrothed are registered? Plus, when do you register in the first place?

About four to six months prior to the big day is the common rule to abide by. But sometimes it may be necessary to do it even sooner, depending on if you’re having an early bird engagement party or pre-wedding shower. Though long ago it was considered impolite to ask guests to purchase your wedding gifts from a specific store, it’s so common place in these modern times that most people don’t think twice about it. Guests often appreciate the fact that their search is brief and efficient with a pre-determined list of options chosen by the bride and groom.

Stay tuned for the second part of our registry breakdown for choosing your stores and the how-to on informing guests. Life’s a party at Ashelynn Manor, come see us and found out how you can have the ultimate big day bash!


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