Encore Weddings: Part 2

Typically, encore couples are putting on their own wedding and many tend to want to keep it simple and small, while others choose to celebrate in extravagant style! It’s your wedding, your way. The guest list, however, might be a bit trickier to decide on. If there’s any hesitancy about inviting ex-spouses and former in-laws, it’s probably best to leave them off the list to avoid any potentially awkward situations between them and new family members.

 Encore wedding invitations are treated in the same manner as for first weddings—typically the bride and groom are putting on their own event and so only their names need appear on the invitation. You can also send out announcements to acquaintances that were not invited to the wedding.

When it comes to actually tying the knot, it’s all about what you want the second time around. Civil ceremonies tend to be most popular, but religious ceremonies aren’t out of the question either. Be sure to check with the officiate regarding any requirements that might need to be met before walking down the aisle. It’s also a wonderful time to incorporate personal touches like your own vows to each other and including children in the ceremony and celebrations.

It’s completely up to the bride as to whether or not she’ll have someone walk her down the aisle this time. It can be a child, a mother, a close friend, or even no one at all. More importantly, the encore bride should feel at ease with choosing any dress she wants. White, ivory, pastel—any colors are perfectly acceptable. It is important that she dress in a manner to complement the style of her wedding and many brides select a cocktail-type dress or suit that they can wear again later.

Lastly, when it comes to the reception, choosing what works best is key. Many encore couples might omit the garter and bouquet toss, as they simply don’t feel the need to perform it at their second wedding. Other couples alter the receiving line to include them and their new spouse along with the children, this way guests have the opportunity to meet all the members of the new family and express their congratulations. Reception style, size and décor are completely up to the couple! It’s the opportunity to perhaps do something they’ve always wanted before or to focus on their guests and the opportunity to celebrate their union.

 Ashelynn Manor looks forward to your upcoming wedding and we hope you’ll give us a call to book your appointment and begin planning today!


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