Encore Weddings: Part 1

If you’re preparing for round two and have some questions about tying the knot, Ashelynn Manor is here to help! We go over some of the key components to keep in mind when preparing for your second wedding and what to expect.

The engagement, as with any couple, is the beginning of a new path together. If children are in the mix, be sure to speak with them first and inform them of the news before spreading the word with other families and friends. It’s important to keep their needs and emotions toward the forefront of your budding relationship, as children merging into other families can experience a high amount of stress and adjustment.

 It’s perfectly fine, and wonderful, to host an engagement party. Only this time, you and your new spouse-to-be should expect to be the hosts versus your parents. There’s no rule to stay friends and family cannot host the party, and if it’s offered this is certainly an option to be considered. But do not expect gifts if you are hosting yourself, and instead bask in the glow and celebrate with those you love as you prepare for your new life venture together.

 When it comes to the wedding, however, you should go ahead and register for gifts. Couples can keep it a small registry if desired, just know that there will be friends and family who want to share their excitement and will want to give something on behalf of that. There’s also no rule that says encore couples cannot register for wedding gifts, so enjoy!

 Stay tuned for part two of Encore Weddings with Ashelynn Manor


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