It’s All in the Details – Part 1

When planning a wedding, or any other special event for that matter, the success of your function rests in the details. They are what set your party apart from others, and what makes it distinctly yours. Plus, when you are able to look out over your event or your special day and see all those special touches that you thoughtfully incorporated, it brings an uncanny sense of pride and joy to the sweet mission accomplished.

Ashelynn Manor is no stranger to details, as we plan weddings and events day in and day out. We know that good details are key to a good event, and so we’re here to help you tackle all of them along the way!

 One detail relative to most weddings is a card box. There’s generally a gift table for guests to stow their packages they’ve brought along to the wedding, but where do all the cards go? You don’t want to worry about them slipping off the table, beneath the linens or in between presents. Set up a custom card box so your guests can simply drop in their greeting and admire yet another personalized detail as they enter your reception. Card boxes can be big and modern, chic and simple or vintage and shabby. Choose the style that works for you!


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