The Invitation: Etiquette

Part two of our Invitation series explores one of the most frequently sought after categories when it comes to prepping and mailing out your invites: etiquette. There are so many pieces of information to include, that brides and grooms often wonder what gets left out and what goes in? Ashelynn Manor is here to answer your quandaries (and provide a beautiful venue to reference on your own invites!).

 First off, the wording on the invitation is generally completely spelled out. For instance, July 16, 2011, would be: the sixteenth of July, two thousand and eleven. Times are also spelled out, meaning 5:00pm would be: five o’clock in the evening. If you’re having a wedding on the half-hour, then 5:30pm would be: half after five o’clock in the evening.

Do parents’ names go on the invitation? Typically the host of the event and the bride and groom are the only names included. If both sets of parents are participating in hosting, then both sets of names can be printed on the invitation. If the bride and groom are hosting the wedding themselves, then only their names have to be included. However, it’s up to the bride and groom if, in that case, they might still want to include their parents names on the invitation at any point—which is perfectly acceptable.

Registry information should never be included on the invitation, as well as any other gift indicators, even if the bride and groom are requesting “cash only” contributions or charity donations in lieu of gifts. It’s considered tacky to include registry and gift details, and the wedding party and parents should become a reliable source of information to help these sort of details reach guests by word of mouth.

Stay tuned for our final post in our Invitation series tomorrow, which is all about addressing the addresses! Don’t forget to contact Ashelynn Manor with any questions about our venue and your upcoming wedding, and visit our website for additional details.


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