The Invitation:Styles

As you prepare for your wedding, the excitement truly mounts when the invitations go out. At that point, the big day has become official and your invitations kick off your wedding day theme as guests receive their first peek into your special event. Wedding invitations are often kept as mementos of one’s day, framed for safe keeping and reminiscing or placed in a keepsake box or scrapbook. So it’s important to ensure you’ve covered all the basics when selecting your invitations and preparing to send them.

 As important as it is to keep up with the latest wedding trends that are out there, including invitations, as well as the rules and etiquette most commonly observed when sending out your invites prior to the wedding, this isn’t always feasible for a busy bride-to-be. So we’ve done the legwork for you and highlight a variety of styles to consider for your wedding announcements, and the proper etiquette for creating them in this three part blog series.

Modern invitations are growing in popularity every day—and modern consists of so many things. They are personalized, customized, colorized and more! An extension of a bride’s personal flair distributed throughout her wedding, modern invitations can be simple and straight forward or designed with a bit of whimsy. They can also be easily matched to a wedding theme, from a tropical summer touch to a cozy winter affair.

Invitations in natural tones are also a huge hit with current-day brides as they lend a sort of natural, organic feel to the wedding without losing a bit of class or elegance. Choose from assorted tones of tans, ivories and browns to assemble a coinciding neutral color palette.

Traditional invitations are much more reserved, and tend to be plainer in style than modern invites. However, this doesn’t mean they need to be boring. Timeless and classic, traditional invitations can have a customized script or font and pearlized borders or other soft and delicate design features for extra pizzazz.

Ready to plan your big day at Ashelynn Manor? Come out and meet us, tour our venue and let us answer any questions you might have about your wedding at our beautiful space. We look forward to meeting you!


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