Choosing your Big Day Hues – Part 1

With a sea of colors out there to choose from, it can occasionally be hard to know where to begin for your wedding day color palette. Fortunately, Ashelynn Manor is here for you with some tips and advice on how to get the perfect shade for your perfect day.

 Narrow it down. There has to be at least one color that you’re continually drawn to. Mentally set that aside, whether it’s bone white, chartreuse or royal purple, and being looking for a color to coincide with it. If your “base” color that you love is indeed on the brighter side, consider using that as your accent color and selecting a more basic hue to ground the duo. Good options for the latter include white, gray, black, metallics, ivory and off-whites.

 Picture your wedding party wearing it. One of the best ways to further develop your color palette is to picture the hue on your friends. Your bridesmaids, especially, will be wearing the predominant color as their dress choice. With a million and one styles of frocks, it’s impossible to get a bad dress but it is possible to get an uncomplimentary color. So close your eyes and see if you can envision each of your leading ladies wearing said shade and if it’s the best option for the group. This can help eliminate any “question marks” you might have on your lineup.

Be sure to visit us again for Part 2….


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