B for Bread

When it comes to a large reception a table laden with tons of water glasses, wine goblets, cutlery and bread rolls, it’s hard to know where to reach first. Is yours to the left? To the right? Did Aunt Vivian really just take a big red-lipped sip out of someone else’s vino? Sometimes it’s just not easy to decide what’s yours. But fortunately the experts at Ashelynn Manor are here to teach you a little dinner-time trick that’ll leave you in complete confidence next time you pick up your drink.

 You might recall the scene in Pretty Woman where Julie Robert’s characters receives a table etiquette lesson about which of the five forks she is to use for each course, and which side of her plate lies her water glass. We might all take a little inspiration from her impromptu learning session. There’s an easy to remember trick that you can perform before a particularly complicated meal, and no one will ever be the wiser. Except you, of course, when you confidently take what’s yours without having to worry about sharing your butter knife with your neighbor.

As you are seated at your place at the table—beneath the tablecloth or inconspicuously atop your lap—put together the pointer finger and thumb of each of your hands, leaving the remaining three fingers pointed straight ahead. You’ll have made a “b” with your left hand, and a “d” with your right. The “b” indicates your serving of bread (or the empty bread plate) to your left, and the “d” is for your drink to your right. The drink will include your water goblet and wine glasses.

 When it comes to utensils, there is no letter to be made with your fingers unfortunately, but we can lend a little help. Your napkin, salad, dinner and dessert forks will be to the left, and your dinner knife, teaspoon and soup soon to the right. Now that you’re headed in the right direction, it’s time to eat. We look forward to hosting your next special event—food and all—at Ashelynn Manor. Bon appetite!


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