The Whole Nine Yards

During your wedding day, it can be hard to keep up with it all. There are so many moving parts and your brain is literally swirling after you’ve said “I Do” with the remaining activities on the agenda, from photos to the cake cutting and your first dance. But there is a way to meet and greet each of your guests and have a face-to-face moment with everyone who’s taken the time to attend your special day at Ashelynn Manor: a receiving line.

 Not always the first thought of thing for a wedding, it’s a great idea to implement if you’re welcoming more than 50 or 60 guests. With that many folks socializing at the reception, it would be a night of exhausted greetings, ducking out of conversations and catch-ups to try and thank everyone for coming. A receiving line can take place directly after the ceremony, unless you want pictures to receive priority, in which case you can hold it at the beginning of the reception. Just remember to create the line in an ample space where guests aren’t crowding on top of each other, like the beautiful foyer of our manor.

Another option could be for you and your new bride or groom to have your meal earlier than your guests, either in private or at a sweetheart table for just the two of you. If you eat in private, it’s easier to have a moment of peace before the big reception starts. If you prefer to eat at a sweetheart table, time it so that your guests are away at the buffet line or are just being served their food. This way you are not kept in conversation with guests idling nearby while you try to devour the only nourishment you’ll receive all night! Once you’re done eating, you and your partner can visit each table to greet the guests one by one and let everyone know how much you appreciate them participating in your day.

 Ashelynn Manor has organized it all time and again, so come, meet with us to discuss your big day plans and let’s get started!


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