Reinventing Photography

There’s something to be said about a vintage photograph. It’s soft, elegant and more importantly, timeless. It’s not subject to temporary trends or fads and it’s a classic expression of old-school photography blended with contemporary times. Ashelynn Manor assembled a few examples of some gorgeous vintage photography trends that would be beautiful on our spacious 25-acre ranch. We’re “in” with some of Houston’s most talented photographers—just one of the many details we can help you plan for your big day!

A slightly rustic backdrop meshed with a modern-day frock, hair and makeup can be especially striking. We love the woodsy surroundings and muted colors against this bride’s soft curls, flowers and hair accessory.

A regular picture can have a vintage appeal with just the right color tint that your photographer can apply through photo editing programs. Convey your desired shoot style and watch the magic happen!

The creative use of your natural environment can result in a stunning photo with an antique-like appeal. Sun rays, gray skies, trees and landscaping—it’s all relative.

Our romantic chapel, carriage house and even the namesake white manor house has the makings for gorgeous backdrops for your bridal or wedding day portraits. Plan your big day with us and fall in love like you never thought possible! Call Ashelynn Manor today.


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