It’s all Peaches

When spring is sprung, there’s no prettier a hue than light and lovely shades of peach for your big day. It’s soft and feminine and makes such a striking impact either alone, or paired with other muted colors like light blues, yellows, ivories and even greens and purples.

(Photos by Ariella Chezar)

There are no rules to follow but your own when it comes to selecting your color palette for your wedding. The key to a successful color selection is choosing what makes you happy, what complements you best. When you look around on your wedding day, you want to see beautiful accessories, flowers and details that make you smile. But we’ll be the first to admit that there are a million colors out there to select from, and sometimes it helps to have a little inspiration to narrow them down.

You can take several factors into consideration when choosing your big color palette. First off, consider the season you’re marrying in. Will it be cold and frosty or balmy and warm? Darker colors tend to lend themselves better toward winter, and lighter colors to spring. This isn’t a hard and fast rule, however, as pale blues and whites can be just as gorgeous for a winter wedding as a summer one!

Another point to consider is the seasonal availability of the blooms you might be after. Your flowers, after all, are a huge part of your color scheme and this might be a productive way to help narrow it down. Lastly, if you have a venue selected, take a peek inside and give some thought as to what hues look best. Is it dark wood and rustic in nature? Perhaps some ivories and light greens would help keep the space light and airy. Or if there’s tons of windows and natural light, vibrant hues like cerulean blue and blushing pinks would be showcased well. Don’t forget to contact Ashelynn Manor when you’re ready to start planning. We’re there for you, ideas and all!


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