Planning with the Pros

Coordinating amazing events is what we do with a passion. It’s our desire to provide you, the client, with quality service and attention to detail that leaves you feeling completely satisfied with the end result—along with providing cherished memories you’ll never forget. So needless to say, at Ashelynn Manor we take our jobs seriously! Any time a bride-to-be commissions us to help her plan her beautiful big day, we are completely devoted to the task at hand from start to finish. However much or however little assistance you might need, we cater our services to fit your requirements.

 Aside from planning and assembling weddings, we’re also here to provide inspiration, motivation, advice and support. Planning a wedding can quickly become a full-time job and not everyone is able to spare that amount of time. Though it’s one of the most important days of your life and you want to be in tune with every detail, you don’t want to run yourself ragged leading up to the big event. But you still want to be in control and be able to trust the people who are helping you along the way, which is what we pride ourselves on. Ashelynn Manor is ready and waiting to begin assisting you with your dream day. We’re just a phone call away!


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