Picture This!

We love brides of every kind at Ashelynn Manor, and every time a bride-to-be comes out to the property for her bridal shoot we get all giddy. It’s just part of the excitement that leads up to the big day. Of course, it’s also the first time the blushing beauty has donned her dress and gotten all dolled up for the main event!

When it comes to choosing a photographer, brides should know they can turn to Ashelynn Manor for assistance. We have fantastic connections with all kinds of wedding pros and finding the perfect snapper-upper for you can be a cinch. Once you’ve confirmed the photographer you’ll be using for your wedding day and surrounding events, like bridal portraits, it’s time to give your style a little thought. There are several different types of photography that can be used for your bridal portraits. Here we explore three of the main categories: vintage, romantic and modern.

Vintage: The pictures here (taken outside our gorgeous white chapel) are a perfect example of what photographers can achieve with a little Photoshop skills and the right idea. The colored tint and exposure given to these images tones down the bright hues and lends an air of traditional heirloom quality to the finished product. Some vintage shots can still look completely modern, but just have the weathered worn-in feel.

Romantic: These types of shots are often relaxed, soft and poised. The right angles, the slight tilt of your chin—it all can result in a truly romantic photograph to encapsulate the feelings you embody on your special day.

Modern: Photographs with a modern take are cutting edge and set the trend. If you’re not afraid to take risks or push the boundaries, then a modern look might be right for you. It’s all about taking the everyday and making it your day in a unique and creative blend.


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