Truck it on Over

At Ashelynn Manor, we are always thinking outside the box—about everything. That includes your ceremony to your grand reception entrance and your favors to the floral arrangements by the sign-in table. No detail goes overlooked, no stone remains unturned. It’s our job to ensure that Ashelynn Manor brides are given the wedding of their dreams. Getting hitched should go off without a hitch!

Some of the grand details that make the day complete are unique photo opportunities, and we have plenty of them. Not only does our venue feature 25 breathtaking acres—complete with a couple of picturesque livestock—but we have a spiral staircase, an adorable chapel, rolling green pastures and even a vintage Ford truck available for your very own snaps.

At a reasonable detailing fee, you and your partner can pose to your heart’s content in front of, around or on our 1951 baby blue Ford. The vintage charm and classic curves make a beautiful backdrop for engagement photos and wedding pictures. “Truck it on over” to Ashelynn Manor and we’ll kick the tires and light the fires! (Translation: we’ll help you schedule your desired photo shoot right away!)


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