Take it to the Barn

Did you know our Carriage House is a renovated old barn? Ashelynn Manor originated with the structure, it was the very first building erected on the property. The original Manor owner, Johnny Lorino, loved his races horses and his cattle, so creating housing for them was very important. After the land was purchased, the new owners were encouraged to keep the original venue and revamp it to a better (and more usable) state.

Now it’s a 5,000-square-foot grand hall with wrought-iron crystal chandeliers and stained wooden walls. The concrete floors and 14-foot-long granite Texas bar maintain that rustic ambiance, while facilitating an air of elegance and glamour. This is maintained with tables clad in white or ivory linens and set with white chairs, creating a clean backdrop for the color scheme and decorations of your choice. There is plenty of space for dancing, eating, drinking and celebrating—and just as much room for a grand departure. The Carriage House features a spacious and warmly-lit front outdoor area to accommodate limos, Hummers or any other get-away car of your choice to whisk you away in style! Thought the last thing you’d want was to wed in a barn? Never say never. Call Ashelynn Manor today to schedule your visit to our beautiful venue. You just might fall in love.


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