Little White Church

Til’ you take me down…
You better take me down…
Take me down to the little white church!

Heard those lyrics before? They’re the tune to “Little White Church” by country crooners Little Big Town, and we just happen to have the perfect little white church of our own. C’mon along as we give you a tour of our gorgeous chapel, ready for your special day!

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Ashelynn Manor’s chapel is an oasis of serenity and peace. Completed in 2008, the vintage-style church has an air of country charm and sophistication that only a weathered, well-worn chapel might have. Though ours isn’t necessarily old, it’s already full of special memories and keen to create more. The chapel seats up to 275 guests and has thoughtful details incorporated throughout, like a wide center aisle to ensure you are the star of the show as you glide down the hand-hewn wooden floors. The front vestibule—as well as the exterior of the chapel—are an ideal backdrop for photographs with the family and of the bride and groom. Our front pews are also a tad shorter than the ones behind them; this comfortably fits a wheelchair should a family member or grandparent be confined too such, yet they still enjoy being a part of the ceremony up front.

Our chapel’s lighting and faux finishes were all selected with the bride in mind—we wanted a place that would enhance the photographs of you and your loved ones. Candelabras and light-filled windows are well-appointed decorative details inside, and the entry way’s double doors are always scripted with the bride and groom’s name pre-ceremony.

Come visit Ashelynn Manor today and take a tour of our chapel, as well as the rest of our grounds. You won’t be disappointed!


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