Web of Weddings: Untangling the Basics

In our last post, we tackled the best way to locate a wedding website you’ll want to use for your big day. Now Ashelynn Manor helps you round out the remaining information you’ll need to include on your site, to ensure your guests are well-prepared for your special event with us!

Image courtesy of ewedding.com

The fun part for most couples is assembling the personal details that make the website so interesting—especially how the bride and groom met. This is what most people will most enjoy reading as they get to know you and your partner a little better. Upload plenty of photos for visitors to browse, from your early dating years to your engagement.

You’ll also be able to include information on your wedding party and attendants, listing names, how you came to know each person and photos. Your wedding guests will also love getting a little bit of background information on those special friends that will be standing near you at the altar!

Lastly, link up your wedding registries at the stores you’ve chosen so family and friends can easily locate your preferred list of gift items for showers, events and the big day. Hopefully we’ve helped adequately share your wedding information for your upcoming nuptials at Ashelynn Manor. Stay tuned to our blog for more matrimonial tips, trends and news!


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