Well Scripted

There are a million and one ways to personalize your wedding. From colors and favors to cakes and flowers, every bride dreams up the choices that will make her big day stand out from the rest. Ashelynn Manor’s right there with you. Our job is to help brides make the most out of their plans, delivering every detail and whim to perfection. So when it comes to suggestions and ideas, we’re full of ‘em!

One of our favorite ways to personalize weddings is through lettering. What is that? So glad you asked. We work closely with preferred vendors, like Wedding Scripts, who offer unique ideas for everything from monograms to the bride and groom’s name. They create gorgeous script letters than can spell out anything your heart desires and can be applied to nearly any surface and removed when done with. Envision the bride and groom’s names in a lovely set of lettering on the front door of our chapel. Or identify the bridal suite with a catchy quote or scripted label. The opportunities are endless! Wedding Scripts can even create your letters of choice to apply permanently to a mirror for an etched glass effect.

Now that’s a reflection worth admiring…


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